Parks and Recreation

McSweeney Community Park

Hemet, California

This 7.5 acre community park at 1600 ft. elevation in Riverside County in the Los Angeles area was designed as one of several parks in a 538-acre planned community of 1600 homes. The park scheme employs a continuous perimeter dog run which acts as a buffer between adjacent homeowners and park activity areas. Park program elements that tend to generate the most noise are located toward the center of the parcel, farthest away from surrounding homes. Active park features include a dog park, tennis, bocce courts, volleyball, game lawn areas, and an open picnic area with moveable tables. Shade pavilions with fixed picnic tables are available as rentals to CID members for group gatherings. A circuitous interior walkway loop throughout the park’s interior provides a continuous interior circuit for children to play on trikes, bikes, rollerblades and skateboards. The scheme allows for limited on-site parking and elegantly completes several important linkages of the community trailway system.
PLA 2014



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