Parks and Recreation

Lucchesi Park Multi-Use Pavilion

Petaluma, California

Site planning located this park element on a knoll overlooking a lawn and lake in view of Lucchesi Park’s Community Center. This park pavilion is designed to be a multi-use event and performance amphitheater. The central pavilion and circular bounding trellis opens to an event stage overlooking a large spectator lawn. Conceived to be a park feature used for public celebrations and events such as the annual 4th of July celebration, the facility can also be rented out by private parties for occasions such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties and corporate picnics. CAD 3-D modeling and renderings by Joe Jack and Jim Pollock. A Jim Pollock Associates/William Mastick Landscape Architects joint venture.
Jim Pollock, project planner/project designer/CAD modeling, Jim Pollack Associates 1997




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